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Thanks for visiting my website. I’m very different than almost any other lawyer you’ll meet. Why?

It’s my decades of business and creative experience in entertainment, broadcast media and advertising. I’m a lawyer who has lived on both the show and business sides of show business.

  • I’ve managed copyright issues, and I’ve created copyrighted – and nationally syndicated – content.
  • I’ve dealt with labor issues, and I’ve managed, developed, and continue to work as talent.
  • I’ve addressed the legal issues related to advertising, and I’ve sold advertising and created ad campaigns.
  • I’ve drafted untold amounts of terms of use for contesting, and I’ve created countless numbers of promotional campaigns and contests.
  • I’ve been at the forefront of taking the kind of business and creative risks that entertainment companies must take to thrive, and I’ve managed the liability avoidance that entertainment companies rely on to minimize those risks.
  • Most important of all, I’ve created budgets and lived within them.  I know that the bottom line for you is your bottom line.

At a time when all business, and especially the entertainment business, is faced with the massive opportunities – and massive challenges – brought about by technological change, original content is more valuable than ever.  At the same time, the legal and business challenges involved with protecting and making money with original content are more intertwined than ever.

When your business – and your passion - involves creating great content, protecting great content, and monetizing great content, you’re operating at the intersection of business, law, and entertainment. That’s where I love to operate, and I look forward to bringing my unique expertise to bear for your benefit!


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